Driving Without A Licence

Without A Licence Offences

There is a big difference between driving without a licence and driving while disqualified. If you drive while disqualified, you are disobeying a direct instruction from the court and the consequences are severe.

If you are caught driving while disqualified you face the real risk of imprisonment. The courts do not like being ignored or having you Continue reading “Driving Without A Licence”

What Are Backlink Categories?

Backlink Categories Explained

I will assume at this stage that you are familiar with Google PR (Page Rank)? Good……. well, it’s gone, defunct, dead, shuffled off this mortal coil, deceased, demised, turned it’s toes up…… you get the idea, it’s no more. In its place comes backlink categories, which form an important part of the Continue reading “What Are Backlink Categories?”